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Powerflushing based in Whitwood, Castleford

Covering Yorkshire & The North East

At BMN Gas, we are firm believers of making the most of your central heating systems. One of the best ways to get your old central heating system back to a level of high efficiency is through a powerflush, which cleans your central heating system and rids it of any sludge.

How to tell it's time for a powerflush

1) System is slow to heat up

If you've noticed a sharp decline in the overall performance of your central heating system and observed that it now takes longer for your system to heat up, it might be time for a powerflush.

2) Boiler noise

If your boiler is making loud, banging noises, this is a sign that there is a buildup of sludge in your central heating system that needs removing.

3) Radiators need bleeding often

If you are finding that it's necessary to bleed your radiators very frequently, this is a symptom of an unhealthy heating system. Also, if the water from the radiator is dirty, this is a direct result of the sludge that has built up in the central heating system. 

Benefits of powerflushing

1) Greater efficiency 

When the powerflush removes the buildup of sludge from the system, the boiler is able to more efficiently provide heat to your home.

2) Reduced energy bills

As a direct result of greater efficiency, you can expect to see savings on your energy bills. As your boiler is not having to work as hard to deliver the same level of heating, it takes up less fuel and reduces your cost on bills.

3) Extended lifespan of central heating system

If a boiler is having to heat a home and hot water system through a buildup of sludge, it means that it is having to work overtime to do its job. This puts a lot of stress on the boiler and if you're not careful can mean that it breaks down before its time.

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